Avant Mod provides superior modern furniture for a dynamic, fast-paced world. Our high-quality products are designed for effective and visually stunning implementation in a variety of residential and commercial applications.

We are based in San Diego, California, but we work very closely with our selected retailers across the globe to deliver the finest international collection of modern furniture on the market. For our residential customers, we assist our retailers in distributing our products as efficiently and safely as possible. We continue to strive for a perfect relationship with our commercial clients, offering ample flexibility in our designs for collaborative innovation. We also work closely with commercial clients to reduce pricing while nurturing a professional and innovative design atmosphere.

Our mission is to manufacture high-concept furniture that is beautiful and stylish in its presentation but adaptive enough to fit in with any home design, as well as being highly functional, efficient, and durable enough to last a lifetime. To this end, our manufacturing process adheres to a simple principle: "modern design, timeless character."

Modern Design
- Our business was essentially born out of a simple but important idea: great furniture should look as good in your own home as it does in our showroom or online catalog. Our unique conceptual aesthetic combines synthetic and natural materials in a way that is visually and functionally accessible, while maintaining its durability and novel personality. Our modern style is simple, choosing to dispose of overly-ornate and ostentatious designs in favor of sleek and streamlined furniture. In our view, "beauty lies within simplicity." The real magic is in the way our furniture accentuates a home or office, lending a palpable and elegant style to a room without overwhelming it. That is the essence of modern design.

Timeless Character - "Modern" design should never be confused with "fad" design. While fads come and go, a great modern design will be as beautiful and sophisticated twenty years from now as it is today. At Avant Mod, we refuse to create "fad" furniture. Everything we make is built to last a lifetime, and designed to be beautiful for decades to come. We strive to make our furniture sturdy and strong, as well as weather and moisture resistant, using only the highest quality natural and reclaimed wood and tempered glass. Our furniture will impress you year after year, we guarantee it.

Whatever your modern furniture needs, we at Avant Mod will do whatever we can to exceed expectations. Total satisfaction is our aim. Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have; we look forward to speaking with you.
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